Bikin Resep Makanan

Bikin Resep Makanan – Common foods or snacks consumed by Indonesian people are side dishes for heavy meals or to fill the stomach.

Indonesia has a lot of food to choose from. No less, these snacks are so unique that they can be used as food business ideas.

Bikin Resep Makanan

Bikin Resep Makanan

This gives these snacks a chance to fetch high prices in the market. INDOZONE has summarized some unique and innovative food recipes for sale as follows. Very rare, you know!

Resep Kue Sagu Keju Yang Bikin Nagih, Lembut & Lumer Dimulut!

Lumpia is a typical food from Semarang, Central Java, and is often used as a snack in the market. Spring rolls are usually filled with bamboo shoots, chicken or shrimp. However, what if the spring rolls were topped with bananas? Of course, it will be very unique, right?

Another unique and creative food recipe for sale is quail eggs. Silok is usually not filled with anything, just a handful of flour tied together and then boiled and served with vinegar. However, when filled with quail eggs, this chutney is a unique and rare snack. Here’s the recipe.

Sandwiches are bread filled with meat, cheese and vegetables. Sandwiches are usually served this way too. However, it’s not the unique and creative food recipes that sell when delivered normally.

These are some unique and creative food recipes that you can try. To get started, you can try selling it to your friends or relatives first.

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Cara Membuat Kerak Telor Mudah & Enak, Cobain Yuk!

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