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Bbq Catering Service – We believe that weddings give their guests a taste of grilled meats and BBQ is a wedding you will not want to miss.

Weddings are a time to celebrate, a time to eat delicious food, sip on delicious cocktails and reminisce with lifelong friends and loved ones. Of course, BBQ fits the bill! We don’t think of BBQ as food served only at sports games and office events.

Bbq Catering Service

Bbq Catering Service

For us, BBQ is associated with many occasions of celebration, and we bring the best BBQ to get your wedding food.

Private Bbq Catering Service

Our team can cater your rehearsals, weddings, and more with a variety of bar and beverage services. We also offer Professional, Certified TIPS Traders. Contact one of our professional advisors at (720) 297-7801 to learn more.

Brothers BBQ is all about family. I mean, that’s what we are… two brothers and good employees of over 100 people we call family. Our BBQ Brothers family would like to provide beverage and catering services for your next event in Colorado.

Brothers BBQ will work with you or your event planner to ensure the best possible experience for your event. We are flexible, and one of our food and beverage specialists located here in Denver can help you with your specific needs. We can work with you to organize the show, or we can make it simple and easy. Brothers BBQ is perfect for any type of event! Who doesn’t love BBQ?

Request a quote online by filling out the form. Talk to our catering team by phone or email anytime during business hours.

Full Service Catering Menu In Tipp City, Ohio • Hickory River Smokehouse

Our renowned catering team will facilitate and handle all the details. We’ll be serving our famous ‘Que and keep ‘Que buffet so you can sit back, enjoy, and stress-free.

Famous Dave’s Catering is perfect when you want your party to be delicious, memorable, and stress-free. Our catering staff are dedicated to detail – expect award-winning food and excellent customer service.

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We offer a BBQ experience with meats smoked for 14 hours over real wood. And our handmade sides and deserts are delicious.

Bbq Catering Service

We cater for all types of events: corporate events, luncheons, seminars, weddings, graduations, neighborhood gatherings, dinner parties, church picnics, and more.

Bbq Caterers Glasgow

All sizes! No event is too big—or too small—for popular Dave’s Catering (minimum of 10 guests to serve).

It’s best to give us at least 24 hours. But hey, if your event is today or tomorrow, call Famous Dave’sright and we’ll get things rolling! (Some restrictions may apply.)

Dave’s Famous has a vegetarian flavor. Ask one of our expert chefs and check out the menu at your favorite Dave’s website for more information.

Yes! With delivery options, our staff will bring and set up your party with all the furniture, plates, and linens you need. (Order quantities may apply and delivery charges vary.)

Smokey Stax Bbq Catering

Dave’s popular full range of accessories are perfect for large parties, corporate events, and weddings! Our trained catering team will bring everything – including buffet tables*, table settings*, and chafing dishes. We will set up buffet lines as needed and can serve your guests, or let them serve themselves. While most of our full service packages are custom and picnic themed, we have the ability to upgrade tableware, dining sets, and table settings, as well as relationships with rental companies to help ensure you have everything you need to make your event a success. (*availability varies by location)

One of our nutritionists will be happy to help you. Request a quote online or go to your popular Dave’s website and call the number listed. Hosting a wedding on a budget There are many plans involved in planning a wedding, but arguably the most important step is the food you serve to your guests. Wedding catering is often a big expense when planning an event, but Dickey’s Barbecue Pit offers options for wedding catering on a budget without compromising on quality or service. Our experienced pitmasters are here to bring the best BBQ to your wedding, Texas style. Choose the barbecue catering service you want for your special day. This is where food meets craft BBQ! Choose from one of the three services provided. Order your barbecue first for the fun part of wedding planning! Want to talk to a catering expert to help you plan your wedding? Call for more information at 1-866-BARBECUE (227-2328) and get a free quote! Barbecue Food for Weddings Enjoy Full Service for Events with a Hundred or More People. Our pitmasters and staff will do all the set up, serving, and cleaning of your barbecue catering for your wedding. What better way to enjoy your special day than to just sit back and let our professionals take care of your guests. Dickey’s Full Service comes with everything you need from food, to enjoy trays, toppings, authentic barbecue sauce, and even in a bag! Barbecue Catering for Engagements Planning your wedding shindigs before the big day? Event planning with Dickey’s barbecue caters for engagement and small gatherings with your closest family and friends. For smaller wedding parties, Dickey’s has the perfect catering service for all your guests. Enjoy Buffet Catering Service for your Engagement Dinner! You can choose to have your buffet delivered to be served in a buffet style where everyone can take what they want, or you can opt for packaged and individually wrapped dishes. Our catering buffet is the best choice for you. I do engagement parties and BBQ Barbecue Catering for rehearsal dinners. Your big day is almost here, but you can’t forget to plan the most important day of your wedding. Planning a rehearsal dinner is important so that all your friends and family can meet and appreciate your hospitality. You can’t host a rehearsal dinner without serving delicious food to all your loved ones. Dickey’s has the perfect meal for you that’s quick, easy, and convenient. Our catering services and package catering services are perfect for small gatherings. Each plate can feed 12 people, giving you the option of having different plates.

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Full Service 2 Smoked Meats & 3 Sides of Buttermilk, enjoy tray, selection of barbecue sauce & paperware Dickey’s staff sets up, prepares, and cleans the buffet Maximum 100 people

Bbq Catering Service

Buffet Offering 2 Slow Cooked Meats & 3 Sides of Buttermilk, enjoy tray, choice of barbecue sauce & choice of paper Choice of Buffet style or individually packed and accommodates a minimum of 10 people

Catering + Events

Plates & Wraps Barbecue slider Platter Assorted Dessert Platter Classic Sandwich Platter Customize your own appetizers Serves 12

Visit Dickey’s Barbecue Pit to learn more about our catering services and Texas-style BBQ menus perfect for any event, any size. You don’t have to worry about how to order a barbecue, because our chefs will do all the planning and preparation! Our specialty is creating more than just great BBQ. We’ve combined 8 years of experience in the pit with the authenticity of our families crafting Texas-style barbecue. All of our meats are smoked and slowly, in a hickory wood pit, smoked for maximum order. Texas. Barbecue. Our menu features smoked meats and southern-style sides that will surely impress your wedding guests.

Dickey’s Restaurant Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant has a delicious BBQ menu for your special day. From a variety of catering services, authentic cuisine, and southern hospitality, we have to make your special day memorable. Let our experienced chefs take care of your guests so they are hungry and happy. There’s no need to sit around looking for the perfect wedding catering or wedding catering on a budget, when Dickey’s can provide you with delicious and healthy BBQ, all while saving money! No matter how many people are at your party, no task is too big for Dickey. Whether you need a few plates and platters, buffet delivery, or even a full service delivery, Dickey’s is here to bring you ’round!

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At Dickey’s we offer a variety of catering services from Full Service, Buffet Delivery, Pack and Play, or even Lunch.

Bbq Catering Englewood & Denver Co

Sit back and relax. Let Dickey’s set up a buffet for your event so you don’t have to mess with it. It is important to us that the event is flawless and that our barbecue is perfect. Pit Boss cuts and serves your guests so you can mingle and enjoy the event to the fullest.

We will deliver and install or install for you to choose, whichever is best for you and your event. Our buffet offers a delicious barbecue meal for your company or family

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