Bbq Catering San Francisco

Bbq Catering San Francisco – Chef Francisco is a real gaucho, passionate about cooking over fire. He was born in Salta, Argentina, in the middle of nature and grew up among horses, a real Argentine Gaucho.

Gauchos are not only known for their rich culture; a mix of music, farm life, honest values ​​but especially food!

Bbq Catering San Francisco

Bbq Catering San Francisco

We are a highly professional team of chefs and event planners, delivering a true Argentinian experience! You can trust us, you can trust our products, you can trust our kitchen.

The Bay Area Welcomes Texas Style Barbecue

We are the only catering company in San Francisco and the Bay Area specializing in Argentine gaucho cuisine over fire. Our inspiration is the Argentinian chef “Francis Mallman” and we focus on different gaucho cooking methods. Our grass-fed/hormone-free steak comes from farms in Argentina, Central USA and Uruguay. We also strive to source natural products from local and sustainable suppliers; always looking for the best quality of the product. We try to break through individualism and increase the importance of worshiping the table. Eating among loved ones is a sacred moment when we reveal ourselves in the truest ways. So let us deliver a genuine and unique dining experience in the safety and comfort of your own home. Grilled beef tenderloin served with chimichurri (herb and garlic sauce), mixed green salad (with cherry tomatoes and lemon dressing) and rice. For a…

Grilled tenderloins served with chimichurri (herb and garlic sauce), mixed green salad (with cherry tomatoes and lemon dressing) and rice. For a…

Argentinian pork sausage served with chimichurri (herb and garlic sauce), mixed green salad (with cherry tomatoes and lemon dressing) and rice. For a…

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Includes 12 savory balls with filling of your choice. Served with mixed green salad (with cherry tomatoes and lemon dressing). For a complete…

Smokin D’s Bbq Sf

About Pampa BBQ We are a highly professional team of chefs and event planners, delivering a true Argentinian experience! You can trust us, you can trust our products, you can trust our kitchen. Our handmade, organic empanadas salteñas enhance the customer experience by upgrading their culinary options.

Our guests are still talking about the incredible meal, from the empanadas to the short ribs and the chimichurri sauce – it was all delicious. We would 100% recommend Pampa BBQ to anyone for their wedding, party or any event – they are fantastic!

Not sure what to order? Contact our local food experts who will help you create a delicious, seasonal menu. Whether it’s a team lunch or a dinner at home for friends, we are ready to help you. We are a family run BBQ catering company. We are proud to cater weddings, parties and corporate events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including Napa and Sonoma. Whether you’re planning a food truck wedding, need catering for private events, corporate lunches or just want a mouth-watering BBQ at your party, we’ve got you covered.

Bbq Catering San Francisco

Our business lunch boxes are perfect for starter lunches, lunch breaks at corporate events or family-style sandwich buffets. We will tailor and assemble a range of lunch boxes for each of your participants. You can concentrate on making the most of your working day.

Order Horn Barbecue Menu Delivery【menu & Prices】| Oakland

Create your own BBQ catering spread! We create custom menus for backyard barbecues, custom weddings or special events. Our family menu can be as simple as “choose two meats” all the way to a custom catering order. We deliver a perfect meal, put together your buffet and serve it. You can take all the credit!

Bringing our barbecue food truck is perfect for catering weddings, private events, holiday parties, special events or block parties in San Francisco. We can create a specialized menu for your guests to choose from, served from one or more of our signature trucks. If you’re planning a private event for more than 80 people, you’ll want our truck to handle the catering!

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Tell us a little more about your event and we will give you some figures to help you get started right away.

Inspired by SF Bay Area’s best backyard barbecues and the urge to feast together, The Boneyard celebrates our position at the top of the food chain.MEAT YOUR LOT

The Elevated Bbq

The Boneyard is a family-run food truck that rose from the grave after being rescued from an East Bay junkyard in February 2013. After a thorough and loving restoration, we set out to serve San Francisco the best barbecue possible. Our meat is smoked and roasted daily to succulent perfection, and we pair it with seasonal side dishes and freshly baked bread. Whether it’s lunch on the go or catering your wedding, we create flavor combinations that are sure to awaken your inner carnivore.

We take our BBQ quite seriously, but that certainly does not apply to ourselves. Our family and team pride ourselves on not only having the Bay Area’s best BBQ, but having the best time while doing it.

Food trucks may have been considered a fad at first, but it’s pretty clear that they’re not going away anytime soon.

Bbq Catering San Francisco

The Boneyard has revolutionized barbecue in San Francisco during their third summer in the city. They pioneered “San Francisco Style BBQ” by drawing inspiration from barbecue dishes from around the country.

The Boneyard Truck

Richard and Aleah Mainzer started their truck with their children in mind. It is a real family business, where Mainzer’s children help (on non-school days) taking orders, coming up with recipes and working on the kitchen line.

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We’d love to chat about an upcoming event or how our truck can help make your party a great success. Contact us!Capelo’s Barbecue & Beer GardenSpecializing in USDA Prime, natural and organic meatBarbecue, beer and wine garden, catering and food trucks in the San Francisco Bay Area

You wouldn’t be far wrong to describe barbecuing as an art form, requiring skill and patience of the highest level. That’s why we’ve made it our defining and guiding principle to use only the highest quality products possible. Our meat is locally sourced from Golden Gate Meat Co. in San Francisco and must be USDA Prime (brisket), natural and organic to be worthy enough for our smokers and loyal customers.

All of our meats are dry-rubbed, each with their own special rub mix, before entering a specific, custom-built rotisserie, true wood-fired barbecue smoker. Our meats are carefully smoked for 4-18 hours with a custom blend of oak, pecan and apple wood to impart a rich smoky and sweet flavor to our meat. We know you will love our barbecue and taste our passion when you enjoy your first bite.

Adams Smoked Meats Pops Up In San Francisco’s North Beach

At Capelo’s Barbecue we are as passionate about catering and satisfying your guests as we are about perfecting our artisanal BBQ. You can enjoy our delicious BBQ from one of our custom BBQ food trucks in San Mateo and Santa Clara County or through one of our corporate or private catering events. We also offer barbecue delivery in San Francisco, Peninsula, and San Jose, or curbside pickup for local or smaller orders. So whether you’re planning the wedding of your dreams or simply want to feed your group, let our professional catering team take care of your needs. event a piece of cake and impress your guests.

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