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Backyard Catering – Is there anything better than relaxing outside in the sun? How about relaxing outside in the sun while burgers and hot dogs sizzle on the grill? After all, who doesn’t love the smell of barbecue on a hot summer day? Backyard catering is the perfect way to help you celebrate. Our picnic catering experience brings you all the food you love with none of the work.

At Zachary’s BBQ, we offer the best in picnic catering. We’ve been doing backyard catering for decades and know all the ins and outs of throwing a great party. So the next time you’re looking to host a summer event, consider picnic food near me from Zachary’s BBQ.

Backyard Catering

Backyard Catering

If you’ve been cooking everything for backyard parties, then you’re missing out. Everyone else is splashing in the pool, playing tug-of-war or running relays. You are in and out of the kitchen trying to put food on the table and maintain the grill. Some people enjoy all the prep work that comes with a great backyard barbecue. But many wish they had been a part of the other fun activities instead of just being in the kitchen behind all the food.

Backyard Bbq Catering Near Me In Austin — Pok E Jo’s Smokehouse

This is true. At Zachary’s BBQ, our staff is trained in backyard catering. Planning a picnic can sap the energy of even the best of us. But when you bring in outside professionals like our team, we’ll help you make your dream event a reality. Makes you a hero!

It’s easy to underestimate how much work planning an event can be. Whether you are planning a gathering for family and friends or need catering assistance for company or office picnics, we can get the job done. Not only that, we have the catering tools to keep hot food hot and cold food cold. No more worries about food getting too hot or too cold before serving. Our staff knows the ins and outs of safe food handling and preparation. So, stop worrying and leave it to us.

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Buying hot dogs, chips and everything at your local wholesale club can add up. How do you know exactly how much you’re buying of one thing? It is almost inevitable that you will have too much of one item and not enough of others. You don’t want guests to be disappointed or buy too much, causing you to overspend.

Since that’s all we do, and we do it well, we can help you figure out what you’ll need. And even better, we’ll bring it all to the table. This allows you to value every dollar spent on the best barbecue picnic catering in Philadelphia.

Bbq Grilling Full Service Catering Package

As we said before, when you are busy organizing a big event, it can prevent you from enjoying all the festivities. With our on-site grill and grill chef, you can sit back and relax knowing you’re in good hands. Never get yelled at for burning your burgers again!

So don’t get sucked into the kitchen worrying about every little detail. Let the team at Zachary’s BBQ focus on your backyard BBQ needs. That way you can be where you need to be – out in the sun having fun!

We love catering backyard BBQs and office picnics. It’s like we’re part of the family – everyone loves the grill master! Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or want to get your friends together, our award-winning BBQ catering will make a great time even better. We make picnic catering easy.

Backyard Catering

Let us help you make your next picnic or backyard celebration one to remember. We are your backyard grill catering experts.

Backyard Bbq Wedding

Customers have booked this package for graduations, family reunions, company picnics, birthdays, teacher appreciation, healthcare heroes, and more. It’s perfect for any outdoor gathering.

This includes all food, service staff, equipment, grill and grill chef, linens and buffet tables, set-up, service and clean-up. It is truly an immersive experience. Just show up, we’ll cover it.

This is a $300 add-on to your full service package. Our chefs show up with our grill and equipment and prepare your menu live.

Thank you so much ! Everything was great and more than enough food! We actually had leftovers and brought them into the office for the group to enjoy! I really appreciate the great service and all the entrees were amazing! I personally really liked the salad! at your disposal

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Backyard Bbq Menu

Hello, yes! Our block party was a hit and so was the food! If there’s one takeaway for us next year, it’s ordering more Mac n Cheese…which was destroyed in minutes ha! Thank you for the wonderful service and food.

Hi Elizabeth, the food was fantastic. So many people were admiring and asking for information on where to find you (which I was happy to provide :). I even had leftovers on Sunday and they were delicious the next day too. The food stayed warm and moist for the party which was great. Also very easy to place an order with you and everything about shipping and set up was perfect. Thank you so much. I’m sure we’ll see each other again!

Hi Elizabeth, everything was great about the party. Everyone enjoyed the food and it was very easy to warm up. Have a nice day!

Backyard Catering

Yes, and even though I was notified that my delivery would arrive 15 minutes late, it was worth the wait.

Ma Catering Or Backyard Bbq, It’s Grilling Season!

I should have let you know before this, but yes, everything was great with our recent order from Kitchen to Kitchen.

Not only was the food great, but your delivery service was great. I have given your information to several of my friends. I will be ordering again soon! Thank you again and stay healthy.

Hi Elizabeth, everything worked out great – thanks for asking! My sister was a huge help in heating everything up so I wouldn’t get sauce on my white dress. LOL Everyone raved about the food, of course, and there aren’t many leftovers. Biscuit went first. Loved the mozzarella capri! Thanks for all your help and coordination to make hosting so easy! I wish I had pictures of the food or the people eating, but we had too much fun.

Thanks for staying – everything was great! The mac and cheese was a huge hit and was eaten. If we do this next year, we will definitely order some more (probably 2 more trays). I have put it in my notes. As always, thank you for being so easy to work with…we love Zachary’s BBQ!

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Synergy is what makes Zachary’s – a combination of family recipes and pride from Chef/Owner Keith, the fresh and some pretty unique ingredients, the love and joy of preparing and serving the food instilled in the staff by Keith, creates delicious southern dining north of the Mason/Dixon line. Go get your fingers dirty, they have plenty of paper towels.

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Zachary + Elizabeth’s BBQ was amazing for our event. Great communication throughout the process and delivery and setup was on time and organized, we are so happy we chose Zachary. Everyone raved about the food, I was worried we didn’t get enough but I’m glad I followed Elizabeth’s recommendation – it was the perfect amount! I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out, thanks Zachary!

Zachary catered my husband’s birthday and it was amazing! Everything came so nice and ready to go. The food was delicious, people were coming in for seconds and thirds! They couldn’t stop talking about it. Designed for easy setup/cleanup, allowing us all to relax and enjoy! I would definitely do this again!

Backyard Catering

I’m so glad I chose Zachary’s to cater our graduation party. Everything was perfect from start to finish. The barbecue was delicious. I couldn’t be happier.

Backyard Barbeque Party At Summer, Elegant Decoration, Luxury Catering, Tasty And Beautiful Food Stock Photo

This BBQ was amazing. The meat practically fell off the ribs and the brisket was so tender that a knife was not necessary. The chicken was moist and delicious. The potato salad was so good it was completely gone by the end of the day. The salad was great and everyone loved the cornbread. The baked beans were excellent and the corn on the cob was the best I’ve ever had. Not a single complaint from the 70+ people at our party. The caterers were so personable, friendly and helpful. The arrangement was beautiful and I loved that they left the leftovers in aluminum containers so we could enjoy this meal a few nights later. I highly recommend them!

Friendly staff, great food!!! The best decision I made was hiring Zachary for my daughter’s graduation party. My family will use them again!

It was the perfect day. Not one person said anything bad about your food and staff. I’m sure you’ll get calls from people there. The pig is the moistest pork I have ever eaten. I’m so glad we went with you. My mother-in-law was very happy. Thank you again. Well done to your staff, they were great.

I cannot say enough about our experience with Zachary’s. Elizabeth helped us in a very short time and we loved everything about it. The food was

Backyard Bbq Buffets

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