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Ayam Woku Manado Resep – Chicken dishes can be found everywhere, Manado is no exception. That’s why Manado is famous for its unique flavors and aromas. Many of the dishes there are cooked and served with a spice called woku. Usually, this cuisine uses seafood or meat-based ingredients. But it is not rare that this spice is also used in cooking chicken dishes. Initially, there are two ways of cooking woku, woku belanga, which is cooked using one pot to make the Manado woku chicken recipe. Another type is steamed or grilled while wrapped in wok leaves, a type of leaf used to wrap rice, similar to pepes. Alternatively, after steaming, it can also be baked again.

Woku chicken is not foreign culinary in Manado. Woku chicken is famous for its mouth-watering taste and subtle use of ingredients like herbs, basil and turmeric. Therefore, to deliver it, these three ingredients are necessary to produce a unique taste. The thick broth and strong flavor make this dish unique and different from other chicken dishes such as ayam rica-rica. You can try making it yourself at home and it can be eaten anytime.

Ayam Woku Manado Resep

Ayam Woku Manado Resep

Manado Woku chicken is generally best served with hot rice. Because of its unique taste, you will almost certainly not be full and it will be enough in just one portion. So, if you want to taste Manadonese dishes, you can start with this dish. In one sitting, depending on how you serve it and the size of the chicken, this dish can make up to six servings.

Resep Ayam Woku Manado Untuk Pecinta Pedas

One of the charms of this dish is the sauce. Manado woku chicken is especially popular among lovers of spicy culinary delights. Intrigued by the recipe? Let’s look at the following ingredients.

If you want to serve a chicken dish, of course the main ingredient is chicken. But Manado woku chicken tastes better if you use free-range chicken cut into small pieces. For this dish, you only need one chicken, unless you are serving it to a large number of people.

For the rest of the ingredients, you will need 5 basil leaves, 5 lime leaves, 1 turmeric leaf, 4 bay leaves, 1 red tomato, and 2 scallions. Of course, don’t forget 1 teaspoon of chicken stock seasoning. , 2 teaspoons of salt, ½ teaspoon of granulated sugar, 3 tablespoons of oil for frying, and about 400 ml of water.

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Now, for the ground spices to make the dish stronger and tastier, the ingredients you need are not hard to find. All you need is 6 shallots, 4 cloves of garlic, 3 large red chilies, 4 cayenne peppers, 4 cm of turmeric, 3 cm of ginger and 3 candlesticks. How much you need can be adjusted to taste, so feel free to get creative, especially if you want your woku chicken to be spicy. But in general, you only need the ingredients listed above.

Resep Ayam Woku Khas Manado, Pedasnya Bikin Merem Melek!

After getting these ingredients, you can start cooking and the cooking method is very easy. The cooking process of this dish takes about 40 minutes.

First, start by processing ground spices, such as shallots, garlic, large red peppers, cayenne pepper, turmeric, ginger, and cumin. You can grind it yourself or use a blender.

Pour and heat a little oil in a pan. If it’s starting to get hot, add the spice mix to the pan. Then, stir until fragrant. This step is followed by pouring turmeric leaves, lime leaves, and bay leaves into the pan with the spice mixture. Repeat the process, stirring until fragrant.

Ayam Woku Manado Resep

The next step is to cook the chicken. Make sure you slice the chicken. Then, pour the chicken into the pan and mix with the marinade until evenly coated. Make sure all parts of the chicken are covered with the seasoning. While stirring, pour in the water until the spices dissolve. Generally, woku chicken is served with a fairly thick and slightly reduced gravy.

Ayam Woku Manado: Kelezatan Pedas Yang Tak Terlupakan

When the stir-fry starts to boil, add salt, sugar, and chicken stock powder. You can add as much as you like. Mix it evenly until the seasoning is according to your taste. Continue cooking the chicken until tender and cooked through.

After it starts to cook a bit, the last thing you need to do is add sliced ​​tomatoes, basil leaves, and green onions as additions so that your woku chicken dish looks attractive, colorful, and enhances the fragrance of aroma. If you want to get creative with the sauce, you can also pre-cook the tomatoes with the spice mix and chicken. Once done, the Manado woku chicken is ready to serve and eat.

Woku chicken is typical of Manado, but even so, this dish also has many variations that are worth trying and you can cook it yourself at home. The first is simple woku thigh chicken. As the name suggests, this one dish uses chicken thighs as an ingredient of the dish.

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There is also a woku Manado chicken recipe that uses egg whites. Besides using chicken, you can also feel the delicious and soft texture of the eggs in the dish. The cooking method is not much different, the difference is only a few ingredients. Besides the chicken and eggs, you’ll also need brown sugar, onions, and lemongrass. To get the maximum delicacy from this woku egg chicken, the diced chicken and egg whites must be boiled together so that all the seasonings can penetrate the chicken and egg. Woku egg chicken is both delicious and interesting due to the presence of galangal and coconut milk in the broth.

Resep Ayam Woku Kemangi Sederhana

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Ayam Woku Manado Resep

Happy 78th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia in 2023. Welcome to Natural-Poulty.Com website (since 2007) || Safe to Eat — Natural Savory — Low Fat & High Protein — Quick Softening — No Shrinkage — No Bad Smell. Natural Poultry products are available in almost all Supermarkets and offer delivery throughout Indonesia *dk applies* ||Woku Manado Chicken Recipe – Woku is a Manado-style food seasoning, North Sulawesi province of Indonesia, made in different types of spices and is commonly used for cooking beef, buffalo meat, fish, chicken, duck and other poultry meat. In Minahasa, North Sulawesi, there are two types of woku, woku balanga (cooked in a pot or cauldron), and woku daun (meaning food cooked in a woka leaf).

Resep Sederhana Ayam Woku, Ini Video Membuatnya

Quoted from Wikipedia Indonesia, the origin of the name woku dish is the designation of wok leaves. Woka leaf is a type of palm leaf commonly used to wrap rice. If you look further, in the culinary history of Manado, woku seasoning is a mixture of Manado’s special spices with a characteristic rich flavor with a relatively complete use of spices.

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In addition to the complete use of spices, woku cooking is also synonymous with the use of spices such as basil leaves, lime leaves, turmeric leaves, and spring onions. Therefore, make sure that the mother has prepared all these leaves so that the unique flavor is created when the woku is made.

Today, while there is still some stock of chicken in the fridge, this time I will try to share one of my favorite woku chicken recipes that taste so good. To make this woku chicken recipe, it is usually cooked until the gravy reduces or thickens a little. But there are also people who like woku chicken with a lot of sauce, so just adjust it to your taste.

Resep Ayam Woku Kemangi Pedas Khas Manado

This seasoned chicken dish with its delicious and spicy flavor is a delicious side dish paired with hot white rice. The seasoning tastes great when combined with rice, plus favorite vegetables such as cucumber slices and crackers. Whoah, great!

Besides being typical of Manado, in Bali there are also creations of Balinese Woku Chicken Recipes with local spices that give a unique sensation to every bite of woku chicken served. Next, we will talk about Balinese woku chicken.

The level of spiciness can be adjusted according to taste. For spicy lovers, you can add red cayenne pepper to enhance the appearance and also to add to the spicy taste.

Ayam Woku Manado Resep

Basil leaves provide a unique aroma that enhances woku chicken dishes. At a glance, processed woku basil chicken is really similar to rica-rica chicken. However, there are differences in spices that give these two dishes a different taste.

Resep Ayam Sinorang

Enjoy experimenting and creating your own with Belangga Woku Chicken Recipe, please adjust the ingredients and spices available in the kitchen. I hope it matches your taste 😀, Jakarta How to make Manadonese woku chicken needs to be known to those who often cook at home during a pandemic like this. This typical Manado dish has a spicy flavor and is full of the use of spices, such as basil leaves, lime leaves, turmeric leaves and spring onions.

Woku chicken is usually cooked until the gravy thickens and reduces a bit, so it’s perfect to eat with hot rice. Woku itself means pot. In addition to chicken, it is also delicious to cook different types of sea fish such as grouper or snapper with thick meat in the woku.

The cooking method is quite simple. You can also add ingredients according to your taste and serve it to your family. This woku chicken is perfect for you

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