Ayam Saus Lemon Resep

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Ayam Saus Lemon Resep – This Lemon Baked Chicken has a crunchy spicy and fresh sour taste. That’s why it’s a staple on Chinese restaurant menus and easy to make yourself. Follow the recipe instructions below.

Chinese restaurants not only have flour-fried chicken and butter-fried chicken, but also lemon-fried chicken. The crispy taste of breaded chicken covered in fresh lemon sauce.

Ayam Saus Lemon Resep

Ayam Saus Lemon Resep

Can be made with boneless chicken or chicken. In addition to adding a sour taste and fresh aroma, lemon juice makes chicken juicy and tender. Especially after it’s been floured and fried.

Resep Ayam Asam Manis, Enak, Praktis Dan Sederhana

Lemon-fried chicken is delicious eaten with warm rice. To make it very simple. After the dry fried chicken is mixed with the sauce. You can mix it yourself with the ingredients and spices in this recipe.

1. Many local and imported lemons are sold in the market. Choose those with smooth and heavy skin, a hint of old orange and plenty of water.

2. Grate the lemon peel with a fine grater and do not put the white part on it, because it will taste bitter.

3. Serve and enjoy the lemon fried chicken while it is still warm, so that the fried chicken feels crispy and the sauce is fresh.

Saus Untuk Ayam Lemon

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