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Artikel Resep Terang Bulan Holland – Apam balik, pinang island apam, ban jian kuih (tâi-lô: bàn-tsian-kué), chin loong pau, bandung cake, haji cake, Singapore cake, Malay cake, martabak bangka, sweet martabak, min chiang kueh, peanut pancake , moon, 麥仔煎 / be̍h-á-chian.

Mooncake (also known by various names) is a type of pancake snack commonly sold on the roadside in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore.

Artikel Resep Terang Bulan Holland

Artikel Resep Terang Bulan Holland

Map of Terang Bulan Cake Names in Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. (Green) calls it Terang Bulan, (Yellow) calls it Apam Pinang, (Gold) calls it Apam Balik, (Blue) calls it Hok Lo Pan, (Red) calls it Martabak Manis and (Marun) calls it Martabak Bangka.

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Unlike Martabak (or Moortaba) which originated (culturally influenced) from India, the name Martabak Manis originated when in 1950 a man named Hyoe Kiew Sam, who came from Jebus District, Bangka Island, moved to try his luck. Bandung city. If he tries to sell something from morning to night, in the afternoon he sells cakes made by his wife (Tjo Sin Moy) in front of his rented house on Jalan Naripan, Bandung. One of them is Hok Lo Pan,

It turned out that this cake sold well and was well received by the people of Bandung at the time, so he focused on selling this cake by making it when someone came to buy it (Freshly cook). This continued until he rented a stall at the night market on Jalan Cikapundung Barat in front of the PLN office near Bandung Square next to the stall that was first introduced and sold well, namely martabak from India. For marketing purposes, the two traders agreed to call one Martabak Asin and the other Martabak Manis. This strategy made this cake even more popular, and to this day, many Martabak vendors sell both versions. Aton. This Hioe Kiew Sem made him invite his brothers, relatives and friends to go to Bangka Island in West Java to sell this sweet martabak to other nearby cities such as Jakarta, Tasikmalaya, Cianjur, Sukabum and others. The first town outside of West Java that one of his friends opened was Semarang. That’s why this cake is called Bandung cake in Central Java, where its success lies.

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People in East Java and Central and Eastern Indonesia call it Moon Cake or Terang Bulan because of its round shape like the moon and also because it is usually sold at night when the moon appears. Therefore, mooncake lovers from the area are confused as to why this cake is called “martabak” because it is completely different from other snacks that are also called martabak. However, for regions that are used to calling it sweet martabak, martabak snacks are divided into two, namely sweet martabak and salty martabak.

Martabak Manis Mini

The name of this dish varies in different places. In the city of Semarang, this cake is known as Bandung Cake.

This is because the cake is made by the Bangka people who live in Semarang, namely the Tsen family, the 4th generation from an ancestor named Tsen Khian Sam, who is a friend of Hyo Kiew Sam, who first started selling and became successful in Bandung. The Tsen family sells sweet martabak on Jalan Gajah Mada.

In Malaysia, this pastry is called Apam Balik, Kek or Martabak Terang Bulan, Martabak Bangka, Kek Pinang, Kek Bandung, or Martabak Jepun. In Pontianak, this food is called apam pinang.

Artikel Resep Terang Bulan Holland

In Indonesia, the terang bulan cake revolutionized in mid-2011 with the emergence of different types of martabak pizza. Martabak Pizza is a modification of the regular Martabak, which is generally served folded. Martabak pizza is served open, so the toppings look more distinctive and attractive.

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Skin dough is made from a mixture of flour, baking soda, eggs, coconut milk, water and yeast, which is baked in a special thick iron pan until the cake dough is cooked and set. As a filling, they are usually given granulated sugar, granulated chocolate (mese, muisje), sesame seeds and chopped peanuts, or grated cheese, dipped in sweetened condensed milk and spread with butter and margarine. Sweet Martabak or East Java better known as Moonlight cakes have long been known and loved by almost everyone. Best served hot, this cake is really quite interesting with a variety of toppings that are popular with kids and adults alike. This cake is usually synonymous with souvenirs or souvenirs when leaving home and eaten together in small pieces. Chocolate, peanut and cheese flavors are the most popular toppings. The texture is soft and gives a slight feeling of fullness, making it an alternative for everyone to fill their stomachs while waiting for a meal or to curb hunger.

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The sweet martabak or moonshine business has been growing quite rapidly lately. If earlier this business was driven by a group of Martabak traders from Lebak Siu district, Central Java, now it is spread almost all over Indonesia. Especially the development of different types of sweet martabak business through franchising and cooperation. Several types of martabak such as martabak alim van de cock, Holland, franchise, pan pan and other martabak are examples of martabak business with network system. Their dozens of modern shops in several strategic locations and malls sell a variety of sweet martabak and eggs. Buyers gathered and lined up. The strollers and stalls are designed so attractively with bold, bold colors that make it easy for shoppers to remember the famous Martabak brand. Carts are no longer made of wood in simple colors, but more fashionable in different shapes and colors. Martabak packaging is now cooler, no longer just plastic bags and newspaper or chocolate wrappers.

The emergence of this franchise-style martabak phenomenon shows that the sweet martabak business is experiencing extraordinary development. Similar to the development of Singaporean, Japanese or Taiwanese style bakeries (bakery boutiques) that serve a variety of beautiful breads in many variations, sweet martabak are also available in different flavors and with different toppings. The most trendy and favorite is a small size mini wallet, which is especially suitable for “personal” or individuals. A variety of interesting toppings are available, ranging from cheese, chocolate, different fruit flavors to original fruit. The shape is cute and attractive, packed in a cardboard box with ventilation to keep the moon from getting wet.

A mini bike can be a new way to ride a bike at an affordable price. Until now bright moon/sweet marthabak has always been synonymous with big size and then cut into small square sizes. This old-style martabak is often “incomplete” because the size is too large (for a small family that only needs a few pieces), the variety of toppings is limited (one martabak is only one flavor), and sometimes the mess spills because it’s cut into pieces. The bright appearance looks less attractive, because it is cut into small pieces, sometimes irregular. Only one bright moon is served, if you want another taste, you have to buy another big size. This puts less strain on the buyer’s finances.

Menu Terang Bulan Garing Terlaris Dan Termurah

Mini Martabak has advantages including; Due to the small size, the buyer does not need to re-cut, different toppings or flavors can be bought in one package at a time, it is efficient because no moonshine remains, because the small size can be adjusted according to the need, the shape is more attractive, it cooks faster, so it is served quickly and pocket-friendly according to. The mini or uni moonshine is actually more interesting because that way the buyer can freely choose the flavor and top they want to suit their needs (if the big moonshine is only one flavor).

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Making sweet or moonlit marthabak dough is often ineffective. Vendors make large quantities of moong dough because it has to ferment for several hours or even a day. This is certainly a waste of money, as many batters also spend a lot of money. Especially if you are facing an unfavorable situation, such as rainy weather, where many people stay at home, so there are few moonlight sales, then the leftover dough can be a source of loss. The dough is wasted.

You don’t need a lot of capital to start this business. The largest investment cost is in the production of carts alone. Bright Moon printing must be done specially because this printing requires conditions

Artikel Resep Terang Bulan Holland

Mix flour, sugar, salt and vanilla powder. Mix it together (if you want to send it to the bright moon exit, you need to wrap it). Add egg yolk, beat and gradually add water. Start at low speed and then increase to high speed. Shake for 10-15 minutes, add baking soda. Mix well. The dough is ready for printing.

Martabak Manis Oat

Heat a super mini marthabak mold using a pan (mud cake pan) 6-7 cm diameter. Add the bright moonshine mixture, covering to distribute the heat evenly. At the beginning of cooking, remove the lid, sprinkle with sugar. elevator. Brush with margarine mixture, sprinkle with desired toppings.

Mix flour, salt and yeast, mix together. Slowly add the water and continue to mix, then add the egg. Stir until well combined. Add remaining water. Leave for 30-60 minutes. Soda is added when the dough is heated.

Let’s heat the martabak form, pour the martabak mass at once so that the martabak looks even and beautiful. Cover and leave until the marthabak is cut. Open the lid, sprinkle some sugar, lift. Remove after cooking. Brush immediately with margarine, sprinkle on top.

Assorted ingredients: roasted peanuts, sweetened condensed milk, margarine, chocolate meze, strawberry jam, cheese, sesame, fruit, dried fruit, etc. Terang Bulan is better known as sweet martabak for its distinctive taste. Bright moon dough is made from a mixture of soda, flour and chicken eggs.

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