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Aplikasi Baca Resep Dokter – Google Lens is an image recognition technology developed by Google. This technology is designed to surface information about objects using visual analysis. This technology can recognize objects and read text on images. But have you ever thought how helpful this technology would be if it could read text that is difficult to read, such as a prescription written by a doctor?

As we know, sometimes it is very difficult to read a doctor’s written prescription for medicine, but that does not mean that the doctor’s writing is bad. This text can be hard to read or ugly because doctors have to write prescriptions quickly so that their patients get their medicine immediately and other patients don’t have to wait. It cannot be denied that it is possible that some pharmacists or patients often find it difficult to read prescriptions.

Aplikasi Baca Resep Dokter

Aplikasi Baca Resep Dokter

So, with this issue, Google seems to be giving pharmacists and patients a breath of fresh air. The reason is that now Google has started improving its Google Lens technology so that it can read text that is difficult for humans to read. Rumors are rife that the purpose of developing Google Lens is to help digitize handwritten medical documents.

Hasilkan Resep Elektronik Kurang Dari Satu Menit Dengan Sim Trustmedis

“This (feature) will be technology that helps digitize handwritten medical documents by adding a human [role] to the process like a pharmacist,” Google explained in a statement cited by TechCrunch.

No further information has been given yet on when this feature will be released. But Google only explained that there is still a lot of work to be done before the system can be used. With human participation in the process, Google dares to claim that no decision will be made based on the output of this technology.

Since there is no definite news about when this feature will be released, we as users just need to be patient and hope that this feature can be completed well. How to buy prescription drugs at the store is very simple. There are three ways to choose from that you can get prescription medicine without leaving home.

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There is a reason that the drug must be purchased using a prescription. Generally, because the properties are more effective but the risk of side effects is higher. Therefore, a doctor’s approval is necessary to determine the correct dosage and safe method of use.

Viral Dokter Beri Resep Es Krim Dan Main Free Fire Untuk Anak Sakit Tenggorokan, Berujung Dipecat

There are different types of prescription medications, including antibiotics, corticosteroid medications such as dexamethasone, and blood sugar lowering medications that need to be taken regularly.

Now, there is a more practical yet safe way to get prescription drugs, namely through over-the-counter facilities. Through this feature, you can buy the prescription drugs you need using a smartphone in your hand.

To buy prescription drugs safely, of course you must first have a doctor’s approval. The shop is committed to this, so that this drug is not purchased indiscriminately and can actually cause harm if not used properly.

Aplikasi Baca Resep Dokter

To get a prescription for certain medications, you need to consult a doctor first. In this way, the doctor can assess whether the medicine you want to buy is suitable for your complaints and condition.

Cek Stok Obat Di Apotek Lewat Aplikasi Farmaplus

If it appears that the type of medicine you want to buy does not suit your condition or complaint, the doctor can recommend another type of medicine that is more suitable and effective to overcome it.

If you are used to or take certain medications regularly, you may already know the most suitable dosage and type according to your condition.

Always trying to make everything health related easy for you to access. One of them is by making it easier to buy prescription drugs

If you have a prescription that can be changed more than once, such as hypertension medication that needs to be taken regularly every day, for example, this is a practical way. Following are the steps to be able to purchase prescription drugs through this facility without going directly to the pharmacy

Memasyarakatkan Tanya Lima O

Once you know how to buy the above prescription drugs, your need to leave the house during this pandemic will decrease. This way, you and your family can be better protected.

Apart from buying prescription medicines, you can also further discuss complaints and other ailments with your doctor through the Doctor Chat feature in the Family Health app. Download now on App Store and Google Play.

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Traditional hemorrhoid medication can be used to treat hemorrhoids or mild symptoms of hemorrhoids. What are some natural hemorrhoid remedies that can be used at home?

Aplikasi Baca Resep Dokter

Through sample tests, BPOM has released a list of drugs that can be used and are free of ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol. Find the list in the infographic below.

Manfaat Penulisan Resep Elektronik Bagi Pasien Dan Fasilitas Farmasi

Pharmaceutics is the study of quantitative aspects of drug production. This includes the design, development and evaluation of drugs with appropriate combination of dosage forms.) is the demand of the modern world including the world of medicine. One of them is in the field of medical records and prescription writing. The Hospital Accreditation Committee has encouraged hospitals to provide digital – computerized prescription writing, so that the incidence of misreading of doctor’s prescriptions does not increase.

) becomes somewhat expensive in the initial investment in a health care facility. Especially when most parties are looking at available digital projects, not open source options.

Not to mention that in the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, patients can avoid visiting the doctor’s office directly and prefer remote contact through digital technology, which is one of the easiest methods.

Prescriptions can be made in written form on paper or in electronic form as a written request by a doctor to a pharmacist.

Apa Perbedaan Antara Obat Resep Dokter Dan Obat Otc?

If the doctor does not have the facility to write an electronic prescription, it is recommended to write the prescription on a paper prescription. Because statutory regulations (Permenkes RI No. 73 of 2016 on Pharmaceutical Service Standards in Pharmacies and Permenkes RI No. 9 of 2017 Concerning Pharmacies) stipulate that there are only two forms of prescription.

We know that nowadays technology is very sophisticated, manipulation of electronic files is very easy. So much so that as prescription issuers, doctors have more or less responsibility to protect their prescriptions from misuse.

In my experience, I recommend that paper recipes be transferred to electronic form in the form of a portable format document or PDF. This can be done using a variety of applications on smartphones. Keywords like “scan, photo and pdf” can help find the required application.

Aplikasi Baca Resep Dokter

Second, the electronic prescription file in PDF form needs to be digitally signed by the issuing doctor. Which indicates that the doctor has actually approved the prescription, and indicates that no changes have been made to the prescription after the doctor has signed it.

Manfaat Implementasi E Resep Di Era Digitalisasi Pelayanan Kesehatan

Of course, if ever the doctor’s prescription is misused. Digital signatures can protect doctors legally, if it is proven that electronic prescriptions have been tampered with after the prescription and digital signature by the doctor.

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Patients can take the prescription digitally signed by the doctor to the pharmacy to redeem the medicine. Of course, not every pharmacy accepts electronic prescriptions, this relates to the pharmacy’s readiness to conduct electronic transactions regulated by the ITE Act.

For example, many people don’t know that electronic prescriptions are not meant to be printed. But it is electronically/digitally verified, as the signature is electronically/digitally attached. Paper prescriptions are only prescriptions written directly by a doctor, not electronic prescriptions.

In conclusion, there are a number of drugs that cannot be prescribed electronically (whether legally controlled or not) and physicians should avoid prescribing them electronically. For example, narcotics, psychotropics/antipsychotics, stimulants and sedatives. Meanwhile, in many countries where marijuana is legal, doctors aren’t even allowed to prescribe it electronically.

Rekomendasi Aplikasi Android Untuk Mengukur Detak Jantung

Hi, I’m a general practitioner by day and a fiction and blog writer by night. I love fantasy and adventure stories with a cup of tea. Whether it’s exploring magical worlds, solving mysteries or fighting evil forces, I enjoy being immersed in the power of imagination.

I also like to share my thoughts and opinions on various topics on my blog, where I hope to connect with like-minded readers and writers. If you are looking for a friendly and creative person to chat with, send me a message. Doctors’ writing on drug prescriptions is very difficult to read, and can easily be read by pharmacy staff. For this reason, Google has created an application that can read the text of doctors.

In the United States, to avoid prescription errors, some states require prescriptions to be sent electronically. The reason is that according to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, 1.5 health cases are due to prescription misreading.

Aplikasi Baca Resep Dokter

For this reason, Google claims to be working with a number of pharmacists to find a way to translate doctors’ text on drug prescriptions. Google is currently developing an app prototype, where users simply enter an image of a recipe to have it translated.

Jenis Jenis Resep Obat: Apoteker Wajib Tahu!

After entering and processing the photo in the app, the app will search for the written medicine and mark it. But of course the results will still be verified by the concerned pharmacist. As quoted by detik from Phone Arena on Tuesday (20/12/2022), Google announced this at its annual conference held in India.

“This (application) will be an assistive technology for digitizing doctors’ prescription writing but still requires humans like pharmacists, but no decisions will be made based on the results of this technology,” a Google executive said at the conference.

If Google succeeds in developing it, this app will really help pharmacists in translating drug prescriptions. Unfortunately, Google is currently still researching and has not yet decided whether this app will launch.

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