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Aneka Resep Tofu – – Tofu and tempeh are very easy to find foods in Indonesia. In fact, tofu and tempeh have become very popular foods and are known to almost all Indonesian people. Apart from the popular price, the taste of tofu and tempeh is so delicious that many people don’t mind consuming it on a daily basis.

Both of these processed foods have the same ingredient, soybeans. However, the manufacturing process produces different end products. Both of them, if prepared, can become quite tasty and luxurious food.

Aneka Resep Tofu

Aneka Resep Tofu

For those of you who love tofu and tempeh, you will definitely never get bored of consuming them because you are always looking for new preparations. So, as reported by on Tuesday (15/10) from various sources, here are some recipes for tofu and tempeh that you can use at home to make a delicious meal.

Resep Olahan Tofu

Fry until the spices are fragrant, add the tempeh, stir well, add the water, fiber cream, salt, seasoning and sugar, wait until it boils, adjust the flavor and remove from the heat.

Add coconut milk and water and stir. Then add the tofu and tempeh. Cook on low heat until the spices are absorbed, water reduces and thickens

Saute the ground spices and a little galangal oil until fragrant, then add the lime leaves and bay leaves. Saute until the spices are cooked

Bring the broth to a boil, add the tofu, tempeh, tetelan meat, pe (stingray) fish, green chilies, cayenne pepper, ground spices, and coconut milk.

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Resep Olahan Tahu Yang Bisa Dijadikan Lauk Dan Camilan

Stir the coconut milk so that it does not curdle. Cook until the water reduces and the spices are absorbed into the tofu, tempeh and meat

Saute ground spices until fragrant with lime leaves, lemongrass, ginger, galangal, tamarind juice and shaved brown sugar.

Add the water, wait for it to boil, then add the eggs, tofu, tempeh, soy sauce and salt, stir well, then cook until the water reduces and the spices are absorbed.

Aneka Resep Tofu

After the onions, chillies and green chillies are fried well and fragrant, add the liver, chillies, salt, sugar and spices and mix well. Tofu is a cooking ingredient of choice for many mothers because of its delicious taste and soft texture. The challenge is that tofu’s soft texture tends to fall apart when cooked. But, don’t let this stop you from cooking it differently using tofu. Here are some tricks you can focus on so that the tofu doesn’t break easily while cooking!

Resep Tahu Goreng Bawang Putih

Before discussing the different cooking tips using tofu further, you should distinguish between tofu that is often found in the market and regular tofu. Therefore, you should know that abroad the term tofu is generally used to refer to almost all types of tofu. Meanwhile, within Indonesia itself, the term tofu is commonly used to refer to tofu that has a soft texture and a variety of flavors. Yes, ma’am, although both are made from soybeans, tofu has a very soft texture that breaks easily, whereas normal tofu has a dense and hard texture. By its appearance, tofu is yellowish white in color and looks beautiful when cooked. If you have regular tofu, it is usually white and not translucent.

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After knowing the differences, now you need to know how to prepare tofu so that it cooks differently and doesn’t break easily. Here’s how!

There are several types of tofu sold in the market, including original tofu, shrimp tofu, chicken tofu, and more. So, if you want to experiment with cooking spices, you should choose original tofu so that it does not match the taste of the tofu. If you want to make sapo, you know

After deciding on the variety, you still need to choose good tofu. If the tofu is neatly sealed on the package, you can check the expiration date. In addition, fresh tofu usually does not look thin. Tofu that is slimy or past its expiration date cannot be guaranteed to be fresh. Apart from these two things, you can also see the color of the water you are soaking in. Make sure that the color of the water is still clean, i.e. it is not cloudy, yellow or black.

Resep Olahan Tahu Yang Enak Untuk Lauk Juga Camilan Sedap Di Rumah!

Sapo Tahu is one of the restaurant’s favorite oriental menus. So, don’t try to make it at home with ingredients as per your shopping budget. No chicken? No problem, really. Mom uses only vegetables and mushrooms. For a different savory-sweet flavor, add oyster sauce and magic delicious chicken flavor. Come on, check out the recipe below!

Tofu sold in markets or supermarkets is usually packaged in thick plastic. Therefore, the basic technique to cut tofu so that it does not break easily is to soak the tofu and its packaging in warm water for a few minutes. The goal is to make the tofu easier to remove.

You should also be careful when removing tofu from packaging. Using a sharp knife, cut the tofu crosswise in the center of the package, then push the end of the plastic until the tofu comes out. After that, cut the tofu into 1-2 cm thick pieces. Cutting it too thin can cause the tofu to fall apart more easily when cooked. So it’s better to cut it a little thicker, right?

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Aneka Resep Tofu

If you plan to make stir-fries or stir-fries using tofu, it’s best to fry it first before stir-frying it with spices, as it won’t fall apart easily when stirred in a pan. Make sure the cooking oil is very hot and fry the tofu in small quantities. Fried tofu will absorb more oil when the oil is not overheated. This makes the tofu soggy and collapses easily, as well as shrinking when lifted. In addition, tofu should be cooked in small quantities so that the temperature of the oil is maintained.

Resep Masakan Tahu Tempe, Enak, Sederhana, Mudah & Murah

Therefore, to change the cooking, you can mix it with corn starch, so that the texture is harder and the outside is crispy. If it is fully cooked on one side, flip it over. After frying, you can cook it with other ingredients.

It doesn’t seem difficult to cook something different with tofu, doesn’t it? In addition to making sure that the tofu does not break easily, you should also pay attention to the cooking spices to make it more delicious. For example, use oyster sauce.

Oyster sauce is made from real oyster essence, which provides a unique oyster aroma without making the dish fishy, ​​as well as a delicious and balanced combination of flavors. The brown color also sticks to mom’s tofu and makes it more delicious. Cooking tofu using oyster sauce creates a contrast between sweet and savory. Hope the tips are helpful, right?

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