Aneka Resep Pepes Tahu Teri

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Aneka Resep Pepes Tahu Teri – Pepes Tahu Recipe – Who likes steamed tofu, of course it’s a loss if you don’t like it? Because this tofu pepper has a good and solid taste like fresh water fish peppers. Especially if the tofu peppers are filled with anchovies, petai or basil with a characteristic aroma. Hmmm delicious!

Pepes or pais are often served as a side dish to make it more appetizing. Serve pepes tofu while hot with white rice, cah kangkung complete with goang chili sauce, onion chili sauce or spicy matching chili to add to the pleasure.

Aneka Resep Pepes Tahu Teri

Aneka Resep Pepes Tahu Teri

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Varian Pepes Dari Berbagai Daerah Di Nusantara

The process of making pepes tofu is actually quite easy and not as complicated as you might think. Namely by crushing the tofu, mixing it with the ground spices, then adding other ingredients like basil leaves, tomatoes, and also cayenne pepper into the banana leaves, pinning the ends with a stick and then steaming it, then grilling it for a bit before serving .

Nowadays, there are many variations of the Pepes Tofu recipe, various creations of appetizing ingredients. One of them is Pepes tofu mushroom, Pepes tofu salted fish, Pepes tofu meatballs, Pepes tofu sausage, Pepes tofu beef, Pepes tofu chicken, Pepes tofu shrimp and also Sundanese tofu with basil.

Pepes tofu Sundanese basil is currently the prima donna of pepes lovers. Because the typical Sundanese pepes tofu has a soft texture. And it has a distinctive aroma and a unique spicy taste that is different from processed tofu peppers in general.

Although Pepes Tahu is a simple traditional Indonesian dish. However, processed tofu is always delicious to eat at any time. Whether for breakfast, lunch and also a delicious dinner.

Resep Pepes Tahu Udang Nikmat

Pepes tofu is often a home cooked dish that people look forward to. So don’t be surprised if Pepes Tahu is sold in many restaurants around, starting from warteg, street stalls, cafes and also large restaurants with a special variety of ingredients.

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Ok, so that you don’t wonder about basil tofu peppers, here I will share the ingredients used and the preparation process of the typical Sundanese basil tofu recipe, which is delicious, easy and anti-failure tips as below.

Processed tofu this is a must try! Because in addition to containing vegetable protein, which is good for the body, Pepes Tahu is also a delicious and nutritious side dish for rice.

Aneka Resep Pepes Tahu Teri

The use of basil leaves produces a delicious and characteristic aroma. But there are also those who do not like it, because everyone’s taste is different.

Pepes Teri Basah Sedap Gurih Praktis Ekonomis

For those who do not like basil leaves, please make this Basil Tofu Recipe without using basil leaves with the same ingredients and production – Tofu is a healthy food ingredient because it contains many nutrients. It contains proteins, fibers, carbohydrates and fats. Tofu also contains amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium.

Behind these benefits, tofu has many good benefits for the body. For example controlling blood sugar, improving bone health, preventing cancer growth, and can lower cholesterol. Of course very safe and healthier if consumed.

To make it healthier and more nutritious, you can process tofu into chips. Since pepes tofu is made by steaming, this cooking method is much healthier than frying. You can also add basil leaves to make the aroma more fragrant.

Curious about the pepes tofu basil recipe? The following summarized from various sources on Wednesday (11/17), 11 ways to make pepes tofu basil.

Pepes Ayam, Alternatif Kalau Bosan Pepes Tahu, Ini Resepnya

1. In a bowl, mash the tofu with a fork, then add the ground spices, season with sugar, salt, pepper and stock powder.

1. Fry the vine until dry, then add the ground spices, lemon grass and lime leaves, mix well, fry until the spices are fragrant.

2. Add chopped tofu, salt and broth powder, mix well again, then adjust the taste and turn off the stove.

Aneka Resep Pepes Tahu Teri

4. Prepare a piece of banana leaf, put the mixture of pepes, sprinkle with basil leaves and give a whole cayenne pepper, then wrap. Do it until all the batter is used.

Resep Botok Tahu Tempe Tradisional Yang Mudah, Enak Dan Nagih !

1. Mix the tofu, ground spices, eggs, anchovies, basil leaves, sliced ​​red chilies, add mushroom broth, sugar, then stir until well mixed, then adjust the taste.

1. Saute the ground spices until fragrant, mix them with the minced tofu, then add the beaten eggs, salt, mushrooms, sugar and mix well.

3. Prepare the leaves, take some of the tofu paste, put the peeled salted egg and then wrap it. I divided the dough into 4 equally. Then steam until cooked.

1. Mix all the ingredients, except banana leaves and whole cayenne pepper, and add the crushed shallots and garlic, stir until well mixed, taste.

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Resep Lauk Pepes Kukus Sedap Yang Enak Bergizi

2. Take a piece of banana leaf, add 2-3 spoons of tofu paste, put a whole red chili on it, wrap it and fold it, do it until the paste is finished.

4. Heat the teflon, burn it in the teflon for a while so it smells better, turn it on while grilling, remove and serve.

4. Take 2 spoons of tofu paste, place it on the banana leaf. Give slices of lemon grass, bay leaf. Roll and pin both ends.

Aneka Resep Pepes Tahu Teri

5. Steam until cooked for about 1 hour. After it is cooked, burn the pepes tofu over coals for about 5 minutes. Pepes are identical to the home menu of Indonesian families. This healthy steamed dish in banana leaves can be created with various side dishes and vegetables. One of my favorites is Pepes Tahu.

Lezatnya Pepes Di Warung Teh Yayat. Digemari Karyawan Pabrik, Pns Dan Warga Kali Deres. Redaksi

The materials are cheap and easy to find. You can also prepare it yourself at home as a special menu for the family. Follow how to make the following delicious tofu chips.

White tofu or thick yellow tofu is the main ingredient in making tofu peppers. If you want it to look more beautiful and not pale, you can use yellow tofu.

Choose tofu from good quality soybeans and have a dense texture so that the taste and texture in your mouth will be more delicious. But if you’re forced to use plain cut white tofu, you can cheat it by adding eggs to make it feel thicker when cooked.

Mash the tofu with a fork, then mix it with the fine spices of shallots, garlic, cloves, turmeric and curly red chillies. Also add sugar and salt, mix well.

Resep Palai Bada Masakan Khas Sumatra Barat, Pepes Bakar Ikan Teri

Eggs or coconut milk are usually added to the pepes mixture to add a delicious flavor. In addition to adding a delicious flavor, using eggs in the pepes tofu paste will also make the pepes more dense and won’t break easily.

Even if you use eggs, add some thick coconut milk to make the pepes tofu even more delicious and fragrant. For 350 grams of tofu, add some thick coconut milk, about 50 ml. Another alternative is to add 1 egg.

To give the peppers a nice aroma, add spice leaves to the mixture of peppers, for example bay leaves, kaffir lime leaves, spring onions, basil leaves or turmeric leaves. You can also add fresh herbs like lemongrass, galangal and ginger.

Aneka Resep Pepes Tahu Teri

It is enough to simply grind the fresh spices and mix them with the pepe mixture, so that they are easily discarded and not eaten. Crushing will help release the essence of spice or spice. This technique is also often used in various Chinese dishes,

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Pepes Udang Praktis Sedap Nikmat

Banana leaves are widely used as containers and wrappers for some traditional Indonesian foods. In addition to keeping the shape neat, banana leaves also give a characteristic delicious aroma to food.

Use some banana leaves to wrap the peppers. To prevent it from tearing, roll it in the opposite direction of the leaf fiber. Pin both ends with a stick. Also be sure to roll it two or three times so that the contents of the pepe don’t spill out when baked.

Brush the peppers wrapping leaves with a little oil too, well, so they don’t burn easily when roasting on fire. Use only a little coal. Make sure it’s not too hot or the embers are too big so the peppers don’t burn quickly.

The purpose of roasting peppers is just to maximize the aroma without drying out and burning the wrappers. You don’t need to roast all the leaves and then when they are fragrant and wilted on some sides, that’s fine. This also ensures that the leaves do not burn and the ash enters the Pepes when they are opened.

Resep Pepes Tahu Teri Cukup 3 Langkah!

It is covered with 3 layers of Teflon Xtra which is PFOA free and safe to use. The shape is rectangular so it is easy to arrange the peeps.

Has educational experience in the field of Catering and Journalism. Hobbies are writing, traveling and cooking. S2 Gadjah Mada University Communication Studies Pepes Tahu Teri Basil is a processed pepe menu that can be made into a home side dish. Just like one of the ideas to sell at home, you know, Pepes tofu, anchovy basil is cooked in 2 ways, namely by steaming and baking.

However, if after steaming you want to eat it right away, you can. Because pepes know that basic anchovies are also cooked.

Aneka Resep Pepes Tahu Teri

Usually, housewives often prepare ready-to-eat dishes, so pepes tofu, anchovies, basil can be one of the menu options. In addition to being healthy but also nutritious, and for children the use of chili can be reduced.

Resep Pepes Tahu Kemangi Khas Sunda Dan Tips Memasaknya Agar Enak Dan Anti Gagal

Pepes tofu and basil anchovies can be stored first in the refrigerator if you do not want to eat them yet or want to eat them the next day. It can also be stored in the freezer for longer storage.

So, if you want to eat it, you can first remove the pepes tofu and anchovies from the refrigerator. Then let it stand at room temperature for a while. Until it is no longer frozen, if previously stored in the freezer.

After letting it sit at room temperature, then reheat it when you want to eat it by grilling it. The fragrant aroma of banana leaves can be smelled when it is burnt, it is appetizing, the texture is also a bit drier and denser because it is baked. You have to try this… Ingredients for the Basil Tofu and Teri Basil Recipe:

8 medium-sized tofu – 100 grams of anchovies – 10 green tomatoes – 2 handfuls of basil leaves – 1 stalk of lemongrass – 1 segment of galangal – 2 pieces of lime leaf – 3 pieces of bay leaf

Resep Pepes Sederhana, Lauk Sedap Dan Bikin Nambah Nasi

1 teaspoon of fine salt – Big bird’s eye chili to taste –

Aneka resep

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