Aneka Resep Pentol

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Aneka Resep Pentol – – Pental is a snack that resembles meatballs and tastes delicious. No wonder so many people love it. Apart from being used as a snack, processed pental is also suitable as a side dish with a plate of warm rice.

Many people think that Pentol and Silok are the same because they have the same shape. Although the two are different. Silok is usually filled with minced meat, egg and meat. However, unlike pentol, it is made from starch and seasoned with salt and pepper without filling.

Aneka Resep Pentol

Aneka Resep Pentol

Pental can be processed into an appetizing food. The chewy texture is even tastier if you add selected herbs and spices. The method of processing it is practical and easy to implement.

Tahu Pentol Saus

The following is a summary, from various sources, of 13 delicious, simple and appetizing recipes for refined pental, Thursday (2/6).

1. Saute garlic, add AB, pour in shrimp stock. Bring to a boil, add salt, sugar, broth and pepper.

1. Saute ground spices, lemongrass, lemon leaves till cooked. Add chili sauce, tomato sauce, sweet and salty soy sauce. Mix well. Add 150 ml of water.

2. Stir, check the taste. Add the grated chicken meatballs. If it is not salty or sweet enough, you can add sugar and salt to taste.

Resep, 3 Cara Membuat Pentol Kuah Khas Karanganyar

1. Mix the starch with the flour. Add water until a dough forms. Boil in boiling water with a little salt and vegetable oil added.

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