Aneka Resep Masakan Internasional

Aneka Resep Masakan Internasional – 1. Continental Food – Western Europe – Eastern Europe – Southern Europe 2. Oriental Food 1. Rendang, Indonesia 2. Nasi Goreng, Indonesia 3. Sushi, Japan 4. Tom Yum Gong, Thailand 5. Pad Thai, Thailand 6. Som Tam , Thailand 7. Dim Sum, Hong Kong 8. Ramen, Japan 9. Peking Duck, China 10. Massaman Curry, Thailand 11. Lasagna, Italy 12. Kimchi, Korea 13. Chicken Rice, Singapore 14. Satay, Indonesia 15. , USA 16. Kebab, Turkey 17. Gelato, Italy 18. Croissant, France 19. Green Curry, Thailand 20. Pho, Vietnam

International food is food that has characteristics that are identical to its country of origin. A country’s famous specialty makes it known as an international cuisine.

Aneka Resep Masakan Internasional

Aneka Resep Masakan Internasional

Similar to a country, international food certainly differs from each other, for example in terms of ingredients and processing. There are plenty of delicious international dishes, rich in spices and unique variants.

Resep Masakan Sehari Hari Di Rumah, Enak Dan Praktis

Ramen, sushi and kebabs are some examples of famous international dishes. Examples of these dishes can also be liked and become favorites of many people around the world.

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It is called international food, because the food has characteristics from the country of origin. In this case, international food must be recognized by other countries as well.

Broadly speaking, international cuisine is divided into 2 types, namely continental and oriental cuisine. The difference between the two types of international cuisine can be seen in the processing, serving method and composition of the staple food.

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The continental diet is a common diet originating from the European continent, particularly the countries of the Great Plains. For example, France, England and several countries in continental Europe.

The region consists of France, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany. The spices he often uses in cooking are pepper and salt.

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Composed of Romania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Greece and Rome. His taste in food is that it uses sharp spices and spices like chili.

Aneka Resep Masakan Internasional

Consists of Italy, Portugal and Spain. In general, the food is also spiced, such as nutmeg, pepper and cinnamon.

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Oriental food is a type of food that comes from countries in the Asian continent, such as Thailand, China, Indonesia, Turkey, India and more. Oriental cuisine is also known as a combination of several Asian cooking recipes.

A characteristic of oriental cuisine is that it is often served as a main dish. In general, Asian food is easily recognized by its smell, appearance and taste.

Generally, common Asian cuisine uses major spices such as garlic, shallots, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, anchovies, and more. The menu for oriental cuisine is very varied. For example, in terms of food ingredients, it usually consists of processed vegetables, meat and seafood.

Nowadays many international cuisines are served in different parts of the world. Therefore, you can enjoy international cuisine in different countries.

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Rendang is a traditional dish from Minangkabau in West Sumatra. Rendang is made from meat seasoned with various spices and coconut milk.

The taste has a slightly spicy taste, which will be more delicious if served with rice. Interestingly, Rendang is an Indonesian dish that is often referred to as one of the most delicious dishes in the world, you know.

The main ingredient of fried rice is white rice cooked in a mixture of spices like red and white onions, salt, shrimp paste (optional) and sweet soy sauce. Generally, fried rice is often accompanied by vegetables (mustard greens or cabbage), as well as eggs (omelettes or sunny-side-up eggs).

Aneka Resep Masakan Internasional

Now, fried rice has diversified so that it becomes more special and special. For example, goat fried rice, seafood fried rice, salted egg fried rice and more.

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Sushi is one of the internationally famous Japanese specialties. Sushi is a dish made of rice mixed with raw fish, pieces of squid, crab, vegetables and seaweed.

In Maria Francisca Merinda’s e-book titled Best of Japan, sushi will usually be round (like a cake). Although it is from Japan, we can easily enjoy this dish in many Japanese restaurants spread across many countries.

Destiana Ismaya writes in her book Contemporary Culinary Hits that the word tom yum comes from “tom” meaning soup (stew) and “yum” referring to a typical Thai and Lao spicy and sour salad.

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Tom Yum is a common Thai international dish known for its delicious sauce/broth. Usually, the filling of tom yum is a variety of seafood, from shrimp to squid.

Gua Bao

The taste of Tom Yum soup is mainly sour, spicy and fresh. So, it’s not surprising that tom yum is a delicious international dish.

Not only Tom Yum, Pad Thai has also become a world famous dish. Pad Thai is a dish made from thin clear noodles (glass noodles) stir-fried with fish sauce, bean sprouts, onions, fried peanuts and eb.

According to Awan Yulianto’s e-book Shorttrip Bangkok Pattaya, simply put, Pad Thai is a type of fried rice noodle dish from Thailand. Many people like Pad Thai, because they feel that the taste of this dish is a combination of salty, umami, spicy and sweet.

Aneka Resep Masakan Internasional

Som Tam (Spicy Papaya Salad) is also known as Tarun Thai Papaya Salad. Som Tam is made with shaved green papaya served with spicy sauce.

Makanan Internasional Ini Bisa Jadi Menu Sarapan

The sauce is topped with cherry tomatoes, eggplant, eggplant and crushed roasted peanuts. This dish is very tasty when eaten with sticky rice.

Dim Sum is a food originating from Hong Kong and China. Originally, dim sum was a snack that was often eaten together while drinking tea (im cha).

Often, dim sum is served using small bamboo baskets with small portions. Many restaurants around the world sell this dish. Also, dim sum is an international dish that is easy to prepare and sell.

Besides being famous in Japan, ramen is one of the most popular foods in the world. Ramen is one of the most popular international food in Indonesia, you know.

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Ramen is Japanese-style noodles served with soup (although there are soup-less versions), which are topped with meat and spring onions.

Ramen is a Japanese dish heavily influenced by Chinese culinary delights. Usually, ramen is added with pieces of meat, such as pork (cha-siu), chicken or beef.

Peking duck is the next international dish, originating from China with delicious taste. The duck meat will be seasoned and then grilled.

Aneka Resep Masakan Internasional

Peking Duck is also known as Beijing Kawa. This dish used to be the emperor’s food in Beijing, so common people could not eat it. However, now this dish can be eaten by anyone and is widely available in restaurants.

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In curry cuisine, Thailand has a delicacy called Massaman Curry (Kayeng Matsaman). This food curry is made with processed peanuts, soy sauce, brown sugar, onion, chili, galangal lemongrass and various other spices.

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Lasagna is a baked pasta dish, part of the typical Italian meal. Lasagna can be made with many fillings, such as vegetables, chicken, or mixed to taste.

Kimchi is an international dish that is easy to make from Korea. Kimchi can be called a type of fermented pickled food that is seasoned with spicy spices.

This dish is made from white mustard. In South Korea, kimchi must be on every meal table as it can be a main dish or a side dish.

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Apart from laksa, chicken rice is one of the most delicious dishes in Singapore. This dish is also called Singapore’s national dish.

As explained in the e-book titled Living in Singapore published by the American Association of Singapore, the rice is cooked with pandan leaves and ginger, then topped with chicken stock. Soft rice will be served with chicken pieces.

Sate is an Indonesian dish made with slices of meat and then fried or grilled. There are many types of satay available in Indonesia, such as chicken satay, goat satay, marangi satay, padang satay and more.

Aneka Resep Masakan Internasional

Cheeseburger is a common American food that is famous in almost all countries. There are different variants and toppings that can be served in this food menu. Generally, this typical American dish is very easy to find in various fast food restaurants.

Koleksi Masakan Nasional Dan Internasional

Kebab is the famous international dish of Turkey. Kebab is a Middle Eastern dish made with grilled, spicy beef. Then, add a variety of fresh vegetables and mayonnaise rolled in a crepe tortilla.

According to the book Pilgrim’s Trip to Europe by Maria Francisca Merinda, gelator comes from the word gelatus which means frozen. Gelato is an Italian ice cream often used as a dessert, made from fresh milk with cream, with a very soft texture.

Croissants are a common French snack often eaten for breakfast. Croissant dough contains a lot of butter. Croissants are a type of dry bread that is layered, shaped like a crescent moon.

Thailand also has famous dishes, such as green curry and red curry. For example, we will discuss Green Curry or Gaeng Kyo Won.

Makanan Khas Jepang Terpopuler

The ingredients used in making green curry are round brinjal mixed with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, lime leaves, tulsi and various other spices. For extra meat, you can use chicken or beef.

Pho is a famous international dish in Vietnam. The e-book Backpacking: Vietnam and Cambodia by Hairun Fahrudin writes that pho is a white noodle dish similar to vermicelli served with vegetables and shredded beef in a clear sauce. Also, pho is served with macaroni if ​​not with white noodles.

This was an explanation of 20 examples of international cuisine. So, have you tried it and which one do you like best? There are lots of international food ideas that are easy to sell. Moreover, the recent viral food business trend is that many people are consuming different types of food from abroad. Apart from going viral quickly, young millennials also love it.

Aneka Resep Masakan Internasional

A truly international food business

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