Aneka Resep Es Mambo

Aneka Resep Es Mambo – Who doesn’t know the old school ice cream cone? These snacks are a favorite among kids. Want to sell Mambo Ice Cream? Then you must know the ice mambo recipe.

It is said that the word “mambo” refers to items that existed in the past but are considered new or modern, such as mambo ice creams, which are still popular among children.

Aneka Resep Es Mambo

Aneka Resep Es Mambo

Mambo ices are not only popular in the community, but also a popular snack for children because they are refreshing and come in a variety of preparations.

Resep Es Mambo Pelangi

So, instead of getting bogged down, let’s check out these 1000’s of Mambo Ice’s best selling recipes below!

Below are some of the 1000’s of Mambo Ice Cream recipes that are fresh and definitely delicious. What’s on the menu? Excerpted from, here’s a mambo ice recipe to watch out for!

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So, here are 1000+ Best Selling Ice Mambo Recipes that you can try at home whether you like it, share it with your family.

Resep Es Lilin Untuk Jualan, Warna Warni, Enak Dan Lembut!

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Aneka Resep Es Mambo

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Resep Es Lilin Untuk Dijual, Antimainstream

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The development of the culinary business is currently growing rapidly. Now, many entrepreneurs are innovating the business by opening food franchises with various creations and flavors. Family “Baby and Kids Food” Magnum Style Ice Mambo Recipe, sweet and fresh to break the fast for the little ones

Kreasi Resep Es Lilin Segar, Bisa Jadi Ide Jualan!

Cold drinks should not be served while fasting. Especially for kids who are learning to fast, a new drink like Taji is sure to keep your little one entertained while waiting for the fast to break. But don’t drink too much ice when you break your fast, moms. Instead of being healthy, your toddler may have a cold or sore throat.

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Traditional Indonesian ice cream Es mambo is still popular because it is cheap and simple. Mambo ice creams in various flavors can be a tajil snack for mothers and families to break their fast. To make it even more delicious and casual, moms can make magnum-style mambo ice.

Besides Viennetta, Magnum is one of Val’s premium ice creams. These premium vanilla and chocolate flavored ice cream bars come at a pretty premium price compared to other ice creams. Magnum is also a popular ice cream for those with a sweet tooth. So, to make your little one even more excited to fast, let’s make this premium ice cream at home! The luxury version, not the moms, but the simple and cheap version. This magnet-style mambo ice cream can also be a business opportunity, and moms can sell it on other menu items.

Aneka Resep Es Mambo

Below is the recipe for Magnum Style Mambo Ice as shared on Instagram @sobatjajankuliner. Ingredients for 300g dark baking chocolate (substitute Belgian chocolate or milk chocolate or to taste) 200ml sweetened condensed milk 500ml full cream liquid milk 200ml whipping cream Mambo ice Plastic rubber How to melt chocolate using the double boiler method. Do not allow the chocolate to come into contact with water. Mix sweetened condensed milk, condensed milk and liquid whipping cream. Blend until smooth. Pour the chocolate into a mambo ice cube tray. Smooth the chocolate, no need to freeze. Pour the milk mixture into the plastic filled with melted chocolate. Open the plastic a little so that the milk is in the middle of the chocolate. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate.

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Resep Es Mambo Lembut Untuk Jualan Enak Dan Mudah

Check out this post on Instagram Maknum Viral Ice Cream! 🐢 Tag your cooking junkie friends. Bercolade, Colatta, Tulip, Hershey, Callebaut, etc. If you want it to be like a classic magnet, choose dark chocolate, if you want it to be like an almond magnet, choose milk chocolate. It’s free. * Any brand of sweetened condensed milk 200 ml * Vire, President or Greenfield. Select UHT. DO NOT USE NON UHT, DO NOT USE MILK POWDER, DO NOT WHIP CREAM POWDER. * * Mambo ice plastic. The version that uses rubber W Whipping is more like the original Magnum ice cream. But there are other options that can be made without using whipped cream πŸ‘‡πŸ» An easier version of these replacement ingredients: ⁣⁣ * Dark baking chocolate 300 grams or baking chocolate or Belgian chocolate can be Bercolade, Colatta, Lala brand. , Hershey, Callebaut et al. If you want it to be like a classic magnet, choose dark chocolate, if you want it to be like an almond magnet, choose milk chocolate. It’s free. * 200ml sweetened condensed milk of any brand, sometimes FN, Carnation, Polococoa, Marigold etc. * Mambo ice plastic. Rubber ο»ΏNote: Add milk, no need to wait for the chocolate to cool or freeze.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Choose UHT whipped cream, not UHT and dairy-free. Using powdered whipping cream is also not recommended. If you don’t have whipped cream, moms can use evaporated milk for the same amount. You don’t need to wait until the chocolate is cold or frozen to put the milk in the plastic, just don’t shake the mambo ice plastic after sealing it so the milk doesn’t mix with the chocolate.

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