10 Resep Makanan Indonesia

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10 Resep Makanan Indonesia – Brilio.net – Village style dishes are certainly very attractive. Although it’s simple, if you enjoy it, you can add it many times. The materials used are also very cheap and easy to find.

For those of you who are currently moving, you must miss the home-style cooking that you usually eat with your family. For example, like chili paste, tamarind vegetables and many others.

10 Resep Makanan Indonesia

10 Resep Makanan Indonesia

So, for those of you who want to make your own, here are some country style recipes reported by brilio.net from various sources, Thursday (3/9).

Resep Makanan Yang Paling Dicari Di Pencarian Google Indonesia 2019

1. Boil the bird’s eye peppers and crushed peppers for a short time, then crush them with garlic, onion and garlic, then fry until fragrant.

3. Add the petai, granulated sugar, brown sugar, stock and salt and stir until cooked (a sign that the tomato juice is cooked when it dries up and the chili sauce does not mix with the oil), adjust the taste, remove and serve. and your favorite side dish.

2. Fry the ground spices until fragrant and cooked, then add the reserved petai with salt and sugar, stir well and taste.

2. Boil the jengkol using the 5-30-7 method (boil for 5 minutes in boiling water, add 1 stalk of lemon grass and 2 bay leaves with a closed pot, turn off the stove, let it stand for 30 minutes, then boil again for 7 minutes. , during the boiling process do not open and close the lid of the pot) this method makes jengkol more tender and saves gas of course.

Makanan Tradisional Yang Mulai Punah Namun Membuat Anda Serasa Muda Kembali Yogya

2. Fry all the spices in half (cayenne pepper and tomatoes are added at the end during frying) then puree.

3. Fry the ground ingredients until cooked and remove oil, add coconut milk, stir well, cook until boiling, add flour and brown sugar.

4. Cook until the sauce thickens, then add the fried fish and salt, stir well, adjust the taste, cook until the sauce reduces.

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10 Resep Makanan Indonesia

2. Fry the ground spices with galangal, lime leaves and lemongrass until fragrant and cooked. Add prawns, a little water, stock powder and salt. Cook until the prawns have a thick sauce and remove from the heat.

Resep Sayur Sehari Hari, Agar Tidak Bosen

1. Clean the corn and cut it into 3 or 4 parts. After that, remove the skin of the corn, then cut it into bite-sized pieces. Don’t forget to chop the string beans about the size of one finger. Cut the green pepper into finger length pieces

2. Cut the tetelan meat like dice. Bring to a boil, then add the melon, corn and peanuts. Boil until all the ingredients are soft

1. Grind all the ingredients except lime leaves and coconut, mix well the ground ingredients and chopped coconut, put in a pot, add lime leaves, salt and brown sugar. Cook in a low flame while stirring until the coconut is cooked and the spices are absorbed, remove from the heat.

2. To serve: mix all boiled vegetables and basil leaves in a large bowl, add coconut seasoning, stir well, serve.

Berita Dan Informasi Resep Masakan Jawa Rumahan Terkini Dan Terbaru Hari Ini

1. Wash the spicy fish. Smear with lime water, let it stand for 5-10 minutes. Rinse again with running water. Give water

5. Prepare 2 pieces of banana leaves. Add bay leaves, lime leaves, lemongrass, galangal, tomatoes, basil then add 1 red peppercorn and seasoning. Add the chopped tomatoes and basil back

2. Saute the garlic and shallots until fragrant, add the green chillies, green chillies, salam, galangal and chopped ginger, stir until wilted.

10 Resep Makanan Indonesia

2. Grind all the ingredients such as green chilies, bird’s eye chilies, tomatoes, shallots, garlic, shrimp, salt and sugar. INDONESIA, which has a diverse culture, produces delicious foods of various tastes. Each region also has a delicious common food and it is even famous in foreign countries.

Daftar 10 Makanan Terbaik Di Indonesia Versi Taste Atlas, Nomor 3 Dari Sumatera Barat

What Indonesian food is already famous even around the world? As summarized by the MNC Website on Wednesday (29/12/2021), here are 10 Indonesian dishes that are very famous around the world.

Rendang is a specialty of West Sumatra, consisting of thick slices of beef slow-cooked for several hours in a mixture of coconut milk and spices. The process alternates between boiling and frying while some of the liquid evaporates until the sauce dries up and is well absorbed into the meat.

The result is a very tender and juicy piece of meat, and the reduced gravy is very good to mix with rice, which is usually served on the side of the dish.

Fried rice is a simple and healthy dish that comes in many styles. Basically, parboiled white rice is tossed in a hot pan or frying pan with chili, noodles, garlic, tomato sauce and soy sauce and then other ingredients are added according to the chef’s wishes.

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Makanan Natal Khas Indonesia, Semuanya Enak!

These include chicken, lamb, beef, green beans, cabbage, mushrooms, fried or boiled eggs and cucumber slices for garnish. No recipe is exactly the same across the country. Usually, some sellers will also serve it with crackers.

There are many variations of satay across the islands, in terms of the meat used and the sauce that goes with it. Generally, satay is made by scooping equal-sized pieces of beef, lamb, chicken, or fish together with spices and seasonings, before being dried and fried over hot charcoal.

It is usually served with hot and spicy peanut sauce, sliced ​​cucumber, shallots, and rice or sliced ​​lontong or ketupat, even rice on the side.

10 Resep Makanan Indonesia

Bakso is one of the most popular street foods in Indonesia, sold by many vendors that you will find all over Indonesia. A bowl of meatballs is often served with vermicelli or egg noodles, tofu, hard-boiled egg coated with the same mixture of meats, chilies, fried onion slices and a generous amount of sweet soy sauce.

Simak! Berikut 10 Daftar Makanan Terbaik Asia Tenggara, 5 Diantaranya Dari Indonesia

Meats can be any meat, from beef, chicken to fish and even pork. They also come in a variety of sizes, from small marbles to tennis balls!

Gado gado is a favorite vegetable salad in Indonesia, consisting of mixed vegetables such as cabbage, chayote and bitter gourd (especially boiled or steamed), as well as fried tofu and tempeh, and lontong or ketupat.

The dough is topped with a sweet to spicy peanut sauce. Gado gado also comes in different variations, depending on the choice of vegetables used. Don’t worry, now you are in the right place.

What? do you still remember when you were little what was your favorite home cooking? Of course, everyone has their own favorite list at home.

Resep Lengkap Masakan Nusantara Beserta Gambar Dan Cara Membuatnya

But sometimes because we are far away abroad or we are busy with work that takes little time, it makes us miss cooking for our mothers at home.

No need to worry, some of the following home cooking recipes are really worth trying because they are simple, practical, and of course you can do it.

The first recipe for home cooking is kale belacan. To be honest, the list at this time is often used by mothers at home.

10 Resep Makanan Indonesia

Ingredients that are easy to find and cheap ingredients are also often the reason why mothers cook this dish. Come on, check out the following recipes:

Resep Masakan Cumi Basah Sederhana Yang Baik Untuk Perkembangan Anak

– Cook over high heat and cover the pan for 30 seconds. Stir briefly until all the ingredients are evenly mixed.

The second home cooking recipe is fried capcay. The fried capcay is different from the capcay sold by the brothers near the dormitory.

Mother often cooks this menu because it is difficult for us to eat vegetables. Want to try to bring back your mother’s fried taste? Check out the tricks below!

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Who has never tasted this menu? This menu is one of the menus that mom serves often.

Resep Masakan Sayur Enak Dan Praktis Cocok Untuk Menu Sehari Hari

Even if it’s just for toppings, the taste of onion-spice vermicelli made by your mother is so unique? Do you want to try? Check it out!

– Shallot and white are crushed and then dried until fragrant. Add salt, broth powder, and ground pepper and stir briefly.

Although rice is leftovers, the unique taste of mother’s spices is always the basis of a practical breakfast and is definitely not superfluous.

10 Resep Makanan Indonesia

– Prepare a serving plate to serve the fried rice. Sprinkle the spring onions on top. It can also be served with extra anchovies to add flavor.

Buku Resep Masakan Khas Indonesia

The next recipe for home cooking is fried oyster mushrooms. Sauté, which contains only mushrooms and onions, turns out to have a complex taste and is perfect to eat with rice.

– Heat the oil on a medium heat, then add the garlic and onion and cook until fragrant.

Sambal Goreng Potato Shrimp, photo by IG : @Sambal Goreng Potato Shrimp, photo by IG : @vSambal Goreng Potato Shrimp, photo by IG : @destryaaasputri

If you remember, the shrimp menu is also often used by mothers at home, you know. Prawns dressed in mom’s secret sauce of fried potatoes and hot rice is the most delicious menu item and is the icon of all seafood menus.

Resep Olahan Abon

One of the side dishes in tumpeng is vegetable oil. Not infrequently, this same menu is also cooked by the mother as a source of fiber from vegetables.

A special menu with a combination of vegetables and coconut makes the vegetable wrap taste different and misses a lot. Let’s do it ourselves, you can see the menu below!

– Next, mix the ground ingredients with the grated coconut. Place in a pan, add lime leaves, salt and brown sugar.

10 Resep Makanan Indonesia

– Cook by grilling without oil on low heat. Keep stirring until the cooked coconut turns brown and the spices are absorbed, remove and keep aside.

Resep Makanan Tradisional Modifikasi

– Add sweet soy sauce or salty soy sauce. Add ground pepper and a little water. Stir the sauce until it boils and thickens.

Although the vitamin and fiber content is not as high as other green vegetables, the vegetable protein content in bean sprouts can help the baby’s growth process.

Especially when paired with tofu. Of course, this menu is memorable for those who often did not eat vegetables when you were young, right?

The tenth home cooking recipe is fried tempeh beans, surely your mother often cooks it at home, right? In addition to being simple and cheap, the manufacturing process is also very practical and takes a short time.

Resep Makanan Khas Sunda, Enak, Sederhana Dan Praktis

Often, this menu is prepared as a lunch companion or even brought to school as a takeaway. What? would you like to know the taste? Check out the recipe below!

So, those were 10 home cooking recipes that you can try yourself. We hope that this can add references to a daily menu that is delicious, not boring and more healthy. Joy of creation!Jakarta – Satisfied to eat meat

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